His decision to start a school project under the banner of HOYWIK for the Aids orphans in the sprawling of Kibera Slums in Nairobi was inspired by Mandela a statesman of international acclaim.  

Zachary really struggled to complete his High School education after his father died in 2nd October 1983. Like many orphans, he came to Nairobi in search of a job.

Zachary ran out of money and ended up in the sprawling Kibera Slums. For fifteen (15) years after parent died, Zachary searched for a job in vain. He had no qualifications and experience when he received letters of apologies from many firms and organizations he wrote seeking for a job.

Zachary had the reputation of being outgoing person very humble, honest, hardworking, industrious, and goal oriented who likes his work and does his obligations with minimal supervision from any quarter he is also kind and charming person, who lived the philosophy of putting others before himself.

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Zachary is community organizer, and emerging national leader in multi-faith movement for justice. As Founder and the Executive Director of the Humanity for Orphans, Youth and Widows Initiatives Kenya (HOYWIK), Zachary believes that people of faith can be game changers in the fight to build a more just, compassionate, and peaceful world.

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About the Founder

 The history of Humanity for Orphans, Youth and Widows Initiatives Kenya (HOYWIK) started by Zachary Ngare who might have not met the former South African President and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, but walks in his footsteps.

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After many months of frustrations, he retreated to Raila Village in Kibera slums where there is no electricity, water, in jugs is bought from those who have tapped the city water and no main sewer systems. Young and jobless, Zachary founded, Humanity for Orphans, Youth and Widows Initiatives Kenya (HOYWIK) in 1998 and registered it in 2000 as Community Based Organization; its status changed to a National NGO in 2008, an organization that now champions and lobbies for the rights of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children’s (OVCs), Youth and Widows. This inspiration has been borrowed from the quote “You see things and I say Why, I dream things that never were and I say Why Not” G.B Shaw.  

His decision to start this organization that now runs HOYWIK Circle of Hope Educational Centre which is a fully fledged registered primary and secondary school by the Ministry of Education is now a big blessing to so many hundreds of Aids orphans living in Kibera slums. Being an orphan, Zachary suffered a lot, but the suffering made me desperate to inspire, nurture, cherish, equip and generally help other orphans I regularly meet in the slums. It’s now also a source of employment to so many men and women as trained teachers that have been not yet admitted by the Government. 

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 He comes to this work with nearly a decade of experience combatting poverty in his communities of Kibera and Rachuonyo through economic empowerment, overcoming cultural, social, health, business developments, facilitating youth dialogue and orphan’s sponsorship facing the community and enhancing their capabilities for self-development. 

HOYWIK targets the underprivileged in the community with its services i.e. Offering support to Aids Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, Youth, Widows, Street Children, Persons Living with AIDS and  Persons Living with Disabilities.